Kufri an Amazing place with panoramic view

Kufri is a small hill station in Shimla locale of Himachal Pradesh state in India. Kufri gets its name from “Kufr” which implies lake. The cool and charming atmosphere, alongside staggering regular excellence, makes this place an immaculate summer getaway. This place is likewise the setting for yearly winter sports celebration held in February. Sorted out by the travel and tourism division of Himachal Pradesh, the celebration is a noteworthy fascination with sightseers. It is best known as a ski goal. In spite of the fact that skiing season crests amongst November and February, the months amongst April and June warrant a visit for their dazzling climate. Created as a visitor goal by the British in 1819, Kufri is an awesome place to loosen up—with all encompassing perspectives of the Himalayas, enterprise sports, soak climbs and even a couple intriguing touring recognize.Here is the way that you can take advantage of your getaway. If you plan your Trip to Shimla then do not forget to visit this beautiful place in Shimla.

kufri Himachal Pradesh

Things to do in Here

This place is situated away from Shimla about 16 km. Tourists can reach here by Sanjauli Dhalli Highway. While driving through kufri, Tourists will encounter the deep thick forests on both sides which make this place very special ,Pleasant and cool air will welcome you if you go in summers and snowfall will make you happy and excited if visits in Winter season. Every season has its qualities. You can also capture the nice scenic beauty along with your friends and family members and can make this trip memorable.

Horse Ride

The highest peak in Kufri is Mahasu peak and people can reach to this place by horse only. You People can enjoy the scenic beauty by having horse ride at this place. During the ride you may get chance to see the lovely birds and animals of Himalayas. The road is very muddy during the rain and snowy during the winter so its your choice on what season you want to visit this place. But sometimes in winter season because of heavy snowfall the road gets blocked so before visiting here check weather forecast.

Himalayan National Park

People who are very wildlife fans and loves trekking can visit this kufri. In this park more than 160+ species of birds and different mammals. Summer season is the best time to see this park as you can see all the birds and animals living here but during snowfall sometimes you will not get opportunity to see all the living beings here because of heavy snow.


Kufri has fine ski slopes and attracts all the skiing lovers from every corner of world. You can enjoy these fine ski slopes during snowfall in winter season. Yark ride is a major attraction over here. Another amazing Skiing slope destination is Solang Valley in Manali.

Apple orchards

As you will start to go on the upper side of Shimla, you will see a large number of apple orchards on the way. Even in Kufri you will have view of apple orchards. Even when you go to Manali another hill station in Himachal Pradesh, you will also find a large number of apple orchards there. There are number of places near to Kufri who produces a Large number of apples like Kotkhai, Narkanda etc.

Nearby Places.

From kufri you can go in any direction if you go on the upper side of Himachal Pradesh you can get to Rampur, Kotkahi, Narkanda and so on and if you come back you can visit Shimla, Jakhu Temple, Mall road. whenever people plans to to travel Himachal Pradesh Hill stations they plan their spcial visit to Shimla and Manali.