Jakhu Temple an Ancient Temple in Shimla

Jakhu Temple is located at an elevation of 8048 feet above sea level and one of the ancient temple of INDIA. It offers beautiful and picturesque views of snowy mountaintops, valleys and city of Shimla. This temple is devoted to Lord Hanuman. People from different corner of countries and abroad come to visit.

Accreditation of Jakhu Temple

It is believed that during the Rama-Ravana war, when Lakshman ji was fainting and Hanuman ji was going through sky then he looked at yaksh sage who was doing penance here on this hill then hanuman ji stayed here to get the rest and get acquainted with Sanjivani Booti. He promised that he will again come here after getting Sanjvani booti but on the way back when Hanuman ji was not unable to come here then Sage became distraught after that Hanuman ji appeared to him and sculpture (idol)of hanuman ji appeared at this place. This idol is in the Jakhu temple and people come from distant places to see this spiritual place.

Jakhu Temple

Scenic beauty

This place is situated near by the Ridge Mall Road Shimla. From this site, tourists can enjoy breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset. Hanuman ji’s huge statue of 108 feet has been set up in the enclosure of Jakhu temple, which you can see anywhere in Shimla. Various trekking and mountaineering activities are organized, Tracking route is surrounded by scenic pine forests. There is a trek from shimla Mall road to Jakhu temple which is around 1.5 km. But it is not so easy to complete 1.5 km in few minutes. Any tourist can check their fitness by following this trek. Any tourist who will follow this trek will really enjoy the surroundings as they can enjoy dense trees ,forest of flowers of different colors and cool air blowing and after reaching on the top of the trek, can enjoy Shimla sightseeing. Jakhu temple is one of the top places to visit in Shimla. The pleasure of seeing the panoramic view of the city of Shimla from the top of the this place makes people very delighted. This place has very large number of monkeys inside as well as outside the temple premises.  The peace inside the Jakhu temple gives people inner peace. The nature here can attract any visitor from any part of the country. Another nearby places in Shimla are Kufri and Mall Road. Another popular hill station Manali is around 220 km from Shimla. The most beautiful Part Shimla is When Travelers enters in the captial of Himachal Pradesh The Long and huge statue of Hanuman ji Can be Easily seen from the Road only. This statue is almost visible from almost the front and upper areas of Shimla